XV SECEM Congress

Friday December 10th, 2021

LAGMED members attended the XV SECEM Congress – Córdoba, Spain, December 4-7, and presented the following results:
– Las plagas de topillo campesino (Microtus arvalis) pueden estar empujando a la liebre ibérica (Lepus granatensis) a una situación de “Trampa de la enfermedad” – oral presentation by Carlos Rouco
– Immunological status of the European rabbit populations against rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus in Portugal (2017-2020) – oral presentation by Joana Abrantes
– Analysis of the role of flies in the epidemiology of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus Lagovirus europaeus/GI.2 in Portugal – poster presentation by Ana M. Lopes

Second year meeting

Monday October 11th, 2021

As for the first year meeting, COVID-19 pandemic did not allow an in-person meeting this year. A meeting with all partners was held by video-conference on October 7-8, 2021. Each partner presented their progress in the different work packages and shared the planned activities for the 3rd year. Despite all the constraints caused by the lockdowns and restrictions imposed in laboratory access, all partners were committed with LAGMED and in achieving the goals of this project. Hopefully, a final meeting will be held in-person to strengthen the collaborations.

69th WDA / 14th EWDA – Joint Virtual Conference

Friday September 3rd, 2021

LAGMED members attended the 69th WDA / 14th EWDA – Joint Virtual Conference – Cuenca, Spain August 31 – September 2, 2021, and presented the following results:

  • “Impact of the genomic architecture of Lagovirus europaeus/GI.2 recombinants in the clinical course of rabbit hemorrhagic disease”
  • “Decreased immunity of wild rabbits against rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus in Azores (2015- 2019)”
  • “Spillover event of recombinant Lagovirus europaeus/GI.2 into the Iberian hare Lepus granatensis in Spain”
  • “First report of GI.2 in a Cape hare Lepus capensis from Africa”
  • “European Brown hare syndrome in Catalonia, Spain: from a single event to epizootic?”

First year meeting

Monday November 9th, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic pushed the Year 1 meeting into a virtual format. Meetings were held by video-conference between November 3-6, 2020, and, in order to facilitate communication, meetings were arranged between consortium coordinator, co-coordinator and remaining team members with the members of each partner.

The different partners presented the work developed during Year 1 of project LAGMED, showing promising results for Year 2, despite the delays caused by the pandemic. Additional meetings were then scheduled between partners enrolled in the same tasks.

Decision on the location and date of Year 2 meeting was kept on hold.


XI Jornadas de Cunicultura da ASPOC/VII Jornadas de Cunicultura da APEZ

Thursday November 14th, 2019

LAGMED was present at XI Jornadas de Cunicultura da ASPOC/VII Jornadas de Cunicultura da APEZ in UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal.

More details here:

Kickoff meeting

Wednesday June 26th, 2019

The LAGMED kickoff meeting took place on September 25, 2019, at CIBIO/InBIO-University of Porto, Portugal. Members of the Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Tunisian teams were present while the Algerian team joined by video-conference.

Following a short recap of the LAGMED project, including its objectives and expected impacts, the Algerian and Tunisian teams provided an overview of RHDV in Africa. Discussion of particular aspects of the work packages that start in Year 1 of the LAGMED project allowed a full and complete vision of the role of each of the consortium members in the project.

Next meeting was suggested to be held in Tunisia in September 2020.